When should I report fraud?

Contact LifeFunder anytime when you feel a campaign is being falsely represented by the campaign organizer and funds are not directed to the beneficiary listed on the campaign page.

Is the information I submit to make a donation secure?

We carefully protect the personal information you provide to make donations on¬†¬†LifeFunder. Your payment information is encrypted and stored securely with Stripe, a third-party credit card processor. Your credit card information isn’t shared with the organization.

Will my credit card information be stored?

Your credit card information will be encryped and safely stored, so you’re able to easily make donations in the future. You can remove this information from your profile anytime. To remove your credit card information from your profile, go to the Edit Profile section, and click on the Payment Methods tab. There, you’ll be able… Read More

How does LifeFunder verify if campaigns are legitimate?

LifeFunder will work to remove all fraudulent campaigns. We encourage users to report fraudulent activity. LifeFunder cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all campaigns that are published. We recommend that supporters donate to campaigns when you feel confident about their legitimacy.  

How do I report fraudulent campaigns?

You can ‘Report this Campaign’ on the campaign’s LifeFunder page, or please email all details regarding potential fraudulent campaigns to Include the following information in your email: Url or LF#Code of campaign relationship to campaign beneficiary evidence such as screenshots, photos, newspaper articles, and other similar campaigns Facebook messages or tweets