Fundraising Tips

What are the best ways to share my campaign?

Each campaign will have a unique LF#code and URL link. We encourage you to share the LF#code and link on social media. The LF#code and link are also easy to share via email. LF#codes can be used to help brand campaigns by adding the LF#code to t-shirts, flyers, and stickers.

How do I add a video to a campaign?

Campaigns with captivating videos drastically improve fundraising success. You can easily record yourself with a webcam or smartphone. Just upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then copy and paste the URL for your video and paste it into your campaign on¬†LifeFunder.  

Photo Tips

Transform your campaign by highlighting your beneficiary and cause in photos.  Select photos that are focused and not blurry. Avoid dark images. Crop and trim your photos using PicResizer.

How do I email a personalized video to potential supporters?

1) Visit the campaign page you would like to support 2) Click on the Share icon on the right hand side 3) Click email 4) Click Record Video 5) Follow the steps during the Record Video process to email a personalized video